Why do you need to turn on the air recirculation button when getting into a car for 15 minutes in autumn and winter


On vehicles with climate control, there is an option that allows you to set the recirculation time. However, many drivers do not set it not only recirculation time, but also the season. In fact, there is a recirculation calendar on cars, which I will tell you about now. What is the danger? The recirculation of air in the cabin is a fairly recent phenomenon, it has nothing to do with old air conditioning units or rad on heating. Modern cars are air-conditioning systems. When using this system, there is a risk of an emergency situation in which the air will be constantly re-circulated, which I hope you are not afraid of. The recirculation system increases the temperature in the cabin, which is completely inappropriate for human beings! The danger is not that there will be a failure, since in normal circulation there will be quite a lot of it. The danger is that in the absence of air-conditioning at all, you will spend all day in an air-conditioned room with a fan, which is quite comfortable, but which also contributes to non-operational efficiency. The cost of the air conditioner and the fan itself are not very expensive, just about 300-400 dollars. There is also a version without a fan, which is installed in the car under the hood, with a price tag of 500-600 dollars. If you do not take care of your money, then use the air conditioner with at least 70% efficiency! How to set the recirculation time for the car In order to set the recirculation time for the car, you need to use the "recirculation" option in the "classic" way: Turn on recirculation in the car's factory settings . This is the easiest way to set the recirculation time. You do not need to turn on the recirculation feature specifically for 15 minutes, and then after you need to turn it on, do not block the air path. The time must be set correctly, as it is intended to be kept open. It is best to divide the time according to the car's operation. Using this method, the system will automatically adjust the temperature when the fan is turned on