The roughest part of the car body is the metal


Beautiful and striking metal parts often draw the most harsh reactions in the form of staining, chipping or cracking. However, the metal does have some very useful qualities, some of which can be useful. To begin with, the car body is the most susceptible to damage, since it is made of metal. This means that even the most resistant parts quickly fail. After that, it is also very vulnerable to damage. The most common and obvious" scratch " is an uneven surface . This can be on the body itself or on the glass – the latter can damage the paintwork. Even the smooth surface of the body glass can cause damage. To avoid this, I recommend using a corrosion-resistant paint or Zinc-based paint . It will not only protect the metal from corrosion, but also hide its quality. Also, do not put the Zinc in the glass ! I hope my advice can be useful for you. To support the channel – , SHARE,, COMMENT.