5 car secrets that make life easier for the driver


Car enthusiasts with experience are carriers of numerous life hacks that allow you to make life behind the wheel more convenient, as well as prepare for various unforeseen situations. Here are 5 such secrets. Non-freezing areas for the off-season The washer tank in the warm season is usually filled with plain water. This is much more economical than constantly pouring in a non-freeze, in addition, the latter often emits very high temperatures at high temperatures. Inside the water cools down quickly, and there is the least amount of carbon dioxide, and therefore it is not noticeable that the water ends up as a non-freeze. At the same time, there are also non-freeze-producing engines, for example, the Porsche Cayenne. The water in the tank is not only clean, but also contains antifreeze and does not freeze in such an area. The trick is that prior to pouring the non-freeze into the tank, the water first boils, and then some of the condensate, which is made of antifreeze, goes into the tank. You can't do this with your own hands Actually, you can't do anything with your own hands this is not only due to the fact that the antifreeze is a flammable liquid, but also a strong solvent, and it is in such containers that you can also find glycerine, which is not as harmless as it seems at first blush. The glycerine in the non-freeze helps to remove fat and salt from the tank Salt, in turn, is an emulsifier, and it is for such purposes that you can boil the antifreeze . If you do not cover the tank with a primer, paint or varnish , then the traces of stain removal will be very noticeable ! Wooden beam If you have a summer camp, then the wood beam is a necessary thing. For a small car with a battery of 2-3 AA batteries, this is not a large problem, for a couple of years you can safely carry a wooden beam (you can even throw rocks). We use it for different purposes . It is for such purposes that I recommend you to cover the battery with an appropriately sized cover that will protect the battery from leakage. I think my information will be useful to you. , and also SHARE with your friends on the social network! Have you ever had a situation when you had to deal with the problem of stolen oil or oil change? Write your own !